Can You Sell/Buy CBD on Amazon?

For many of us, Amazon is part of our daily life. And while it’s without a doubt a convenient website to buy a great variety of items, like books, home decorations, electrical appliances, and anything else you can think of. But most certainly, it’s not a good site to buy CBD oil.

Amazon is a massive market that sells almost everything. You can even find small prefabricated houses on its website. But many fraudulent sellers have migrated to this platform, taking advantage of Amazon’s lax supervision. That leads to a large number of counterfeit products being sold on Amazon. And when we’re talking about CBD oil, it’s almost all fake, fraudulent, or of dubious quality.

Before we continue, there is something you must know:

It is forbidden to sell CBD oil on the Amazon website.

Amazon bans anyone that sells CBD products. This means that whoever is selling CBD is breaking the rules, or selling falsely labeled products. This information should be enough to raise a red flag!

Amazons Policy About Marketing CBD Oil.

Amazon’s guidelines are extremely clear: Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD products.

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 and the Drug Enforcement Administration legalized CBD and its derivative products in the U.S. However, even after these new regulations, Amazon’s policies remained the same.

To be fair, these types of restrictive policies are not unusual in other online or tech industries. Other popular social networks such as Facebook, Google Adwords, and similar advertising sites have also banned any advertising related to CBD. Despite these policies, there are hundreds of suspicious products labeled as CBD oil, breaking Amazon’s hard fast rules.

This should set off the alarm for any avid consumer, and be enough to convince any potential clients that buying CBD oil on Amazon is not the best idea. But if the products keep appearing, it must mean that someone is buying them and that Amazon and its competitors are turning a blind eye to the problem.

If its not CBD then what are they selling?!

Most of the CBD oil sellers on this platform are actually selling hemp seed oil, made from pressed hemp seeds. This is a natural product, just not the one being advertised. Is it a fraud? It certainly is.

The reason is that the hemp seeds don’t contain THC or CBD, the two natural cannabinoids that people usually consume for their beneficial effects for certain health conditions. THC is the active ingredient in psychoactive cannabis and can make consumers feel euphoric. These compounds are found on the flowers and leaves, and not in the seeds or stems of the plant. And CBD is a natural compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, valued by scientists and doctors around the world for its therapeutic properties.

Amazon allows sellers to market their products, so long as they are made from the other parts of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are excellent nutritional supplements, full of Omega 3 and other essential nutrients. Many people feel healthier after consuming them. For those who are novices to this culture, the benefits would be similar to the effects of adding flax seeds to your diet. So, that makes Amazon a good place for buying hemp seed hearts (hemp seeds without the shell) or other hemp-based foods. But these items should be in another category altogether and not be labeled as CBD oil.

Therefore, it should be noted that hemp seeds do not contain any CBD oils whatsoever. The important take away here is that you can very well buy hemp seed snacks or hemp seed oil, and do so at much better prices than the fake CBD products available on Amazon.

They are not only ripping you off, but these fake CBD sellers on Amazon are also making impossible affirmations regarding the properties of their products.

To make things worse, the sellers usually affirm that their product contains impossible amounts of the socalled “CBD”. Commonly, these fraudulent sellers affirm that a 1 or 2 ounce (30 or 60 ml) bottle of CBD contains 10.000, 25.000, or even 50.000 milligrams of the active substance.

Then, they proceed to sell their products at a very low price, undermining the sellers of high-quality CBD. Consumers, not being experts on the subject, decide to go for the bargain since they were manipulated with false information.

To begin with, real CBD products contain a max of 2.000 mg per ounce. That means that CBD sellers on Amazon are lying.

The incredible potency that they claim is simply impossible to obtain.

As if this wasn’t enough, there is also no way for the customer to verify the quality, purity, and potency of these so-called “CBD” products. And although a number of these fake products claim to have been tested in laboratories, clients have no access to the results of those tests.

Is Amazon taking advantage of these lies to sell more products?

It is not reasonable to expect that Amazon verifies the quality of every product offered on its site, as there are millions of products in its catalog. Even so, it does not help their reputation to allow these products to remain and be marketed on the platform.

While we do not agree with the stigma that exists against hemp products, such as CBD oil, private companies like Amazon have the right to implement the regulations that they believe are correct.

But at the same time, they are benefiting from the sale of these fake and questionable products. That seems to be the critical point of the issue.

The bottom line is that the fraudulent sellers get paid, Amazon receives its commission, and consumers get scammed with low-quality products that probably won’t help them. Ultimately, this will add to the perception that CBD and its derivative products simply do not work, or that its qualities are overestimated (despite the amply documented benefits).

Can You Sell/Buy CBD on Amazon?

Instead of buying CBD oil on Amazon, it’s recommended to place your order from a reputable online CBD supplier, ordering products only from the most recognized suppliers. You can even find high-quality CBD products in many online “natural foods” stores, or “brick and mortar CBD stores” that are appearing in the United States and other countries around the world (where it is legal).

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