How to make
CBD Massage Oil

Cannavessel Labs presents an all new CBD Distillate buying experience. Here we will show you the endless possibilities of how you can use your CBD Distillate! Today we are learning how to make CBD Massage Oil!


10-15 mins


We rate this guide very easy. Anyone should be able to tackle this fairly quickly.

CBD Massage Oil Guide


how to make cbd massage oilCBD is taking the country by storm. It’s seems only natural that you would mix CBD and massage therapy to create a great, soothing experience. Today we will be showing you how to create a simple CBD infused massage oil that is safe to use on your skin. Applying oil to you skin is great way to receive the effects of CBD.

You can make this massage oil with varying strengths of CBD. If you want high strength massage oil we recommend using 1000mg of CBD distillate or isolate. We recommend full spectrum distillate; it will give a better effect because of the entourage effect of all the other cannabinoids.


  • Desired amount of CBD Distillate/Oil
  • 2 cups of olive oil
  • A few drops of essential oil (try rosemary or lavender)


  1. Mix the CBD Oil in the olive oil
  2. Mix in a few drops your essential oil
  3. Enjoy your CBD massage oil!

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