How to Store And Handle
CBD Distillate

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handling and Storing CBD Distillate properly


CBD Distillate is a hot commodity in today’s hemp landscape. Its newly discovered health benefits and legalization have lead to a large surge in CBD Distillate purchases. With all these new individuals and companies buying distillate sometimes the basics are overlooked. In this guide we are going to take a look at the proper way to handle and store CBD distillate.

CBD Distillate is a clear, sticky, honey like substance when hot, but when distillate sits at room temperature it will crystallize and can become extremely hard. These characteristics combined with state changes make distillate hard to handle when you need to use it constantly. No worries though! We are here to help.

Proper Storage of CBD Distillate

First off, CBD Distillate should be stored in something that can be heated up. We recommend it be stored in glass or stainless steel containers. Keeping distillate in plastic is a bad idea due to the constant heat that is needed to make it malleable. Using glass or stainless steel gives you the option to use heat to melt the solidified distillate when you need to put it in products or homemade food. Using plastic could result in the plastic melting into the distillate making it unsafe for consumption!

Keeping CBD distillate in glass or stainless steel containers at room temperature is your best bet in our opinion.

How to handle / work with Cbd Distillate

When needing to put distillate in products or homemade food you are going to need to heat up the distillate first. If you are at home, filling a crock-pot with water and letting the distillate sit for 15-20 minutes will do the job. Hot water baths are a great way to heat up distillate without damaging cannabinoids. If your CBD is extremely crystalized don’t worry! Enough time in boiling water around 100 degrees Celsius will melt the crystals back into their liquid form.

Be weary of using a heat gun! Heat guns can reach temperatures over 500 degrees Celsius. CBD’s boiling point is around 160-180°C so these temperatures will damage your cannabinoids. Heat guns are a very useful tool when dealing with distillate but be careful to not heat one area too much. Use sweeping motions and distance.

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