Our Process

Cannavessel Labs – CBD & Hemp Extraction Lab

CBD & Hemp extraction lab

The Cannavessel Labs Process

  1. First we hand select premium biomass
  2. We then use cold ethanol extraction to extract all the cannabinoids creating crude oil
  3. Before we remove solvents we filter the extract down to 0.3 microns to remove all debris
  4. The crude oil is pushed to a falling film evaporator to remove 90% of all solvents
  5. Then we use a wiped film evaporator to remove the remaining 10% of solvents
  6. We then further refine the crude in one of our high vacuum short paths leaving us with crystal clear consumable CBD distillate
  7. For good measure we give the distallate a second pass in the short path and filter it through a 50 micron mesh filter.
  8. At this point it goes up for sale!