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Our distillate is cryo-ethanol extracted at -60° celsius and twice distilled to provide you with consistently premium products. At Cannavessel Labs we believe in providing each and every customer with high quality products. Our full spectrum CBD Distillate syringe is perfect for any CBD business or individual looking for exceptional distillate.

All Full Spectrum products are sold with less than 0.3% THC by volume.

CBD Distillate Hemp Oil
Cheap Distillate


85%+ Pure cannabinoid distillate.

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Why Should you buy from Cannavessel Labs?


cheap CBD Distillate


pure verified CBD Distillate

Verified Clean

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Our Full spectrum CBD Distillate is crystal clear and high in minor cannabinoids.
Making it a great choice for attractive and effective CBD products.

clear cbd distillate

seed to sale distillate

Our facility operates Seed-to-Sale which means we track every step of the process.
We make sure the CBD distillate you receive is high quality and safe.

A Lab That You Can Trust

At our state of the art lab we have mastered cannabinoid extraction and refinement.



3rd Party Tested
Every batch of distillate we produce is 3rd party tested to ensure that you receive high quality, reliable cannabinoids every time. We beleive seeing the exact contents of your CBD distillate is a consumer right. Use the batch number from your product on our COA Search page to see whats in you distillate.

About Cannavessel Labs

Cannavessel Labs is a high-performance, client-oriented cannabidiol (CBD) extraction laboratory and processing facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our manufacturing and quality management systems are cGMP compliant. We offer full transparency and practice Track-and-Trace methodology, so our clients receive the high-quality products they deserve.

To get everyone the best quality products they deserve, we process all of our products in-house. By handling all of the raw material from our farm, we know the product best and in return can guarantee the best results. We use food-grade ethanol at extremely cold temperatures, utilizing advanced lab techniques to produce maximum yield cannabinoid profiles. Full-spectrum oils use all of the cannabinoids together to give you the best results, this is known as the entourage effect, we choose to focus our extraction methods on producing full-spectrum products.

All Full Spectrum products are sold with less than 0.3% THC by volume.

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