by Cannavessel Labs

Cannavessel Labs offers services to other CBD companies and growers. All forms of cannabis extraction or biomass can be processed into lipid/wax free full spectrum oils, or further processed into 85%+ CBD, THC-free, or CBN distillate.

How our extraction process works:

  • Down payment before the drop of of your plant material
  • Our technicians will account for all plant material, fill out a chain of custody forms and assign you a customer ID
  • Our technicians will rrecord input of plant material and record output of full spectrum, winterized crude oil. This information will be signed of by the manager on duty and shared with the customer

Our Process Specifics:

We use bag filtration to pick up heavy particulates, then use our lenticular filter (0.3 microns) for carbon scrubbing. After the product has been filtered, we remove the solvent in our falling film column where we remove 90-95% of the solvent. To ensure all the solvent is removed we then proceed to our wiped film reactor and where we remove the remaining solvent and decarb our crude. For the last step our crude is passed twice through our short path.

Service Type Price Minimum Description
Extraction $15/lb 100lb Extraction from biomass to full spectrum crude oil
Refinement $0.60/gram 4kg Oil refined to 85%+ CBD Distillate
THC Removal $0.65/gram 4kg THC removal from CBD distillate

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