Here at Cannavessel Labs we offer national / Local CBD & Hemp Processing for biomass and crude. Our team of cannabinoid experts would be glad to help with any questions you have. Check out our prices below.

CBD Distillate for sale online
Service Type Price Minimum Description
Extraction $15/lb 100lb Extraction from biomass to full spectrum crude oil
Refinement $0.60/gram 4kg Oil refined to 85%+ CBD Distillate
THC Removal $0.65/gram 4kg THC removal from CBD distillate

About US

Cannavessel Labs is a high-performance, client-oriented cannabidiol (CBD) extraction laboratory and processing facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our manufacturing and quality management systems are cGMP compliant. We offer full transparency and practice Track-and-Trace methodology, so our clients receive the high-quality products they deserve.

Owner Jack Sherrie founded Cannavessel Labs with trust and quality in mind. Together they have over 15 years in hemp industry experience and started a thriving enterprise through their expertise. We work with engineers, computer scientists, hemp enthusiasts, and chemists to bring our customers the highest quality products in the industry.

To get everyone the best quality products they deserve, we process all of our products in-house. By handling all of the raw material from our farm, we know the product best and in return can guarantee the best results. We use food-grade ethanol at extremely cold temperatures, utilizing advanced lab techniques to produce maximum yield cannabinoid profiles. Full-spectrum oils use all of the cannabinoids together to give you the best results, this is known as the entourage effect, we choose to focus our extraction methods on producing full-spectrum products. Get your Local CBD & Hemp Processing from a CBD processing lab you can trust.

Local CBD & Hemp Processing