Cannavessel Labs

Cannavessel Labs presents a new streamlined CBD affiliate program. Partner with us and get in early on an industry that is growing extremely fast.

A Growing CBD

Expert CBD Lab


Our affiliate program isn’t your run of the mill dropshipping, make-a-quick-buck scheme. Cannavessel Labs is an actual CBD Lab and manufacturer with trained lab professionals. We make all of our products here in the USA from the ground up. We control the entire process from hemp seed all the way to finished CBD product. This is something other CBD resellers can’t do. Making thier products a lot less attractive and less reputable.

Get 20% Commision on every sale!

Multiple Selling Options
Our affilaite program comes with multiple selling options. Selling retail CBD products can be common, but with Cannavessel you have the power to sell Distillate and oil aswell.

Sell Retail

Sell our premium CBD retail products and make a great spread on commission. A lot of our products sell for over $100.

CBD Distillate High Quality for sale online

Sell Distillate

Sell our distillate and see a much higher return on your commission. Our distillate sells for well over $1000 making each sale worth the work.

Creatives Examples

Here are just a few examples of our creatives you can use to generate sales. A great part about working with the Cannavessel affiliate program is our in house designers. We will work with you side-by-side to make sure you have what you need to sell effectively. You can contact our head designer with anything you need at [email protected]